White Wolf in the Harvest Moon
The magical Harvest Moon waxed above me in the soothing coolness of the early autumn air as I beseeched all the energies of the universe for their he ...


Thank You for Calling Me a Cunt
So. I got called a "Cunt" today. The situation is as expected: Pissed-off man said to a woman who wasn't putting up with the abuse he was doling out; ...


Aeroponic Cloning

Aeroponic methods are commonly used in vegetative propagation (a.k.a. cloning) by hobbyist and professional gardeners alike.

Vegetative ...


Sixteen Ones (Sixteen Tons parody)
Posted on Tuesday October 22, 2019

Some people say that dabs are better than bud. Sticky and gooey like made out of mud. Hustle and bustle, and a rig that’s a chore. A price thatâ€...


Botanicare Slide Bench
Posted on Saturday September 29, 2018

More plants + Fewer aisles = Bottom line growth. *Up to 30% more plant space versus standard bench systems. A versatile system that makes aisle manage...

High Times

Chicago Housing Authority’s Pot Ban Means No Legal Cannabis Mechanism For The Poor
Posted on Monday November 18, 2019

Despite legal marijuana coming to Illinois, those in public housing are being left behind.



The Roll-Up Bonus Ep: Change your head with The Shivas
Posted on Sunday November 17, 2019

Our house band stops by to talk about music, inspiration, creativity, and the importance of good hospitality.

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