Guitar and a Jar is the brainchild of Dirt & Grubbycup.

In 2018 during a visit between Dirt, Grubbycup, and copious amount of cannabis they decided to band together to create musical, written, and multimedia content for cannabis consumers.

Among the first projects were music for the Grow with Grubbycup show, Guitar and a Jar cannabis reviews, and T shirts design.

Observations From My Visit with Dirt:

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Dirt in his native habitat.

Dirt has a countenance reminiscent of a 18th century garden hermit, albeit one with more tattoos. His voluminous beard cascades down his chest and his bright eyes gleam between bushy eyebrows and elvish nose. Slight of frame and prone to sprightly movements, he would not appear out of place cast as a woodland denizen in a fairy tale.

He has a jovial wit, and has more than a hint of wild to him. A man at peace with his own company, he nonetheless proved to be a gracious host. While neither of us left the house for the week I was there, some of his friends at various times made the trek to stop by to enjoy his company. Among those of his circle that I had the pleasure of meeting, the most striking common attributes appeared to be a down to Earth friendly nature, and no shortage of personality. I can attest to this as among those I had the pleasure of meeting included a well dressed staid businessman from a respected company that became more relaxed and personable after some smoke, another a white haired mechanic with a penchant for fixing things. I met a trimmer that neatened buds with the style and grace more usually reserved for intricate needlework, a goofy court jester who tempers humor with wisdom, and a free spirited hippy lady barely anchored to this realm of reality. All of whom exuded a air of respect and friendship toward him.

He lives some distance from the nearest metropolitan area. His domain nestled between tracts of farmland with the nearest neighbor more of a drive than a walk. The two story farmhouse is homey, with no pretext of ostentation. As I visited before spring, the house garden lay empty and clear, awaiting spring planting.

Tasteful mementos accent the house, each with a story and a past; memories marked by their physical presence. A model plane hanging from the ceiling elicits stories of his pilot father, and a shelf of knick knacks preserves keepsakes from events and shows past.

In the kitchen, well seasoned cast iron skillets provide the cooking surfaces of choice, and a freezer well stocked with venison is the primary protein source of the house. With a wink and a nod he tells me the secret to preparing the meat well is the liberal use of garlic. As I am fond of garlic and his prepared deer meat is the best I’ve tasted to date, I take his advice on such matters.

Most rooms incorporate indoor gardening as part of the decor. The entry is lined with exotic and carnivorous plants. Pitcher plants young and old, happily growing in peat moss filled nursery net pots suspended over Dewey Mister sprayers. The kitchen sports an herb garden for cooking, with living kale within easy reach of the refrigerator. The bedrooms each have their own plants, as well as a room dedicated to indoor gardening. For efficiency; the heat from the various lighting systems is redistributed to heat the living areas of the house.

The recording studio has various audio components, computers running recording software, a variety of microphones and speakers, guitars, and a drum set. He is a talented guitarist and I had the pleasure of hearing him play while he was possessed by his muse. I particularly enjoyed his off the cuff freestyle lyrics put to whatever jam he happened to be playing.

His artistry extends beyond his musical and culinary skills. Many of the myriad of tattoos adorning his skin were placed there by his own hand. While artistry is not commonly associated with driving heavy machinery, I can find no better word to describe the way he can bend the movements of a bulldozer to his will with apparently effortless ease.

Another expression of his artistic soul can be found in his cannabis processing workshop, where this modern day alchemist turns not lead into gold, but cannabis material into an assortment of dabs, chocolates, oils, tinctures, and salves. I had the opportunity to sample examples of each, and found them a delightful if occasionally intense experience.

To facilitate quality control testing, an assortment of bongs both big and small are kept on display and available for use. The current crown jewel of the collection is a wide mouthed, decorative, double handed, multi horned water pipe equipped with an adjustable electronic nail. It was with this rig that he introduced me to the pleasures of low temp vaporization. In contrast to the sharp and intense lung busting experience associated with higher temperatures, low temp vaporization provides gentler hits with nuanced flavors and allows for more time to enjoy them. We did a substantial amount of testing.

I appreciate the time I spent with Dirt. It allowed me a clearer picture of the man than just my previous meetings with him at hydroponic stores and at events. Too often people lose who they are over time and in the course of business, but Dirt is unabashedly who he is, without pretense or guile. An entrepreneur and businessman, who remains true to himself and his convictions.

I am looking forward to our future projects together.


About Grubbycup

Grubbycup wrote the above about Dirt.